Dr. Emily Bereskin is a postdoctoral fellow in HABITER Study Center (Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta at the Université libre de Bruxelles), currently working as a researcher for the MODSCAPES project in conjunction with the Habitat Unit of the Technischne Universität Berlin.

Dr. Bereskin received her Ph.D. in Art History from Bryn Mawr College, where she specialized in architectural history and urbanism. Her work focuses on the sociological and political examination of architecture and landscape; specific research interests include heritage and touristification processes, spatial contestation, and territory and conflict studies.

Prior to joining the MODSCAPES team, Dr. Bereskin was a DFG (German Research Foundation) postdoctoral fellow for the international graduate program “The World in the City: Berlin – New York – Toronto” at the Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technische Universität Berlin, where she conducted a comparative project on territory and peacebuilding in deeply divided cities. She is also a lecturer in architectural history and urban sociology at Norwich University’s CityLab Berlin and a lecturer for the Technische Universität’s Master Course in Urban Management.